We proudly partner with industry leaders,,, and to facilitate our online auctions. These partnerships allow for a convenient, secure and fun way of bidding. Once registered, simply bid by the click of your mouse!
Registering to bid online is an easy process! The terms are slightly different than registering to bid on-site, but it still only takes a couple minutes to register.


How the online auction process works:
Find the auction you wish to register for, and click on the Register tab for that auction. If you are new to online bidding you will need to Create an Account.
Once registered online for an auction, you will be sent a confirmation email. Each online auction is unique in the Terms and Conditions of the sale, so you need to agree to these. (Some auctions have different preview times, different payment terms, buyer’s premiums, etc.)
You will be able to login and leave pre-bids for timed auctions, prior to a live auction or bid live once the auction begins.
When you submit a bid for one of our live auctions, that bid is relayed to a Bid Assistant on the floor or directly to the Auctioneer as if you were at the auction. If you are the successful bidder, you will receive an invoice after the auction is over. When you submit a bid for one of our timed auctions, that bid is recorded and you can opt to receive email notifications if you are outbid. Timed auctions have a soft close, meaning if you are to bid on an item within the last minute prior to that item closing, the bidding will be extended one to two minutes to allow additional bidding to take place. If no additional bids take place within that time frame the item will be closed and sold.
Example how Pre-bids work for a live auction: If you leave a $500 bid on an item, the bidding WILL NOT start at $500. Instead, the bidding generally starts on the floor, with live, on-site bids. The Bid Assistant monitoring the online bidding will bid on your behalf up to your $500 pre-bid. The Bid Assistant will bid for you just like you are at the auction. If the competitive bidding stops at $400, you will pay $400 for the item, even though the pre-bid price was more. Placing a pre-bid eliminates the problems that can occur due to internet connectivity issues. Pre-bids will be executed whether you are watching the auction or not.
Entz Auction & Realty, Inc. takes payment for online purchases in the form of electronic checks, wire transfers or credit cards. Online purchases are subject to all state sales tax laws. Purchases must be paid in full on equipment or personal property before Entz Auction will release the items. Although we provide online bidding for a convenience to our customers, we encourage you to inspect the equipment/property in person.
We all know that problems can occur with internet and computers. Because of this, Entz Auction & Realty, Inc. is not responsible for lost or delayed signal, missed bids due to connectivity issues or any other technical issues. To ensure your bids are placed and received, we encourage you to use the pre-bid feature.


Register in advance!! Don’t wait until the morning of the auction! This ensures that you will get registered and be ready to bid. We recommend registering at least 48 hours prior to the auction, allowing you time to get any questions answered you might have.
Bid early, don’t wait to last minute!! By bidding early, the Auctioneer will be aware of your interest in the item. Don’t wait until the last minute to try and bid, you might be too late!!
Use a desktop or laptop computer with a good internet connection. Google Chrome is the suggested browser to use.
You can bid from your smartphone or tablet, but please be aware bidding issues are most common with mobile devices.