Do your homework.

We do our best to provide adequate pictures and descriptions online, however, inspecting real estate in person is the best form of due diligence.

Inspecting the property.

  • Whether ranchland or a home, there are times we will schedule an open house or property showing. This is a great time to inspect the property and get your questions answered.
  • If you missed an open house or there is not one scheduled, contact us at 405-663-2200. We will make arrangements for you to see the property.

Making an Offer.

  • Once evaluating the property and speaking with your lender, it’s time to make an offer!
  • Offers made on listed properties generally have some contingencies such as subject to adequate appraisal, inspections or the buyer being approved for financing.
  • We present the offer to the sellers to review.
  • After evaluating the offer, the seller will accept it and we will proceed with writing a purchase contract OR the seller will decline the offer. If the offer is declined, the seller might make a counteroffer. Once there have been negotiations and if terms are agreed upon, we will proceed with writing a purchase contract.

Between signing the contract and closing.

  • This is the time any inspections of the property or terms of the contract are exercised. This might include home inspection, survey, appraisal, etc.
  • There is a timeframe these items along with other items, such as title work, must be completed. It is our job to make sure things stay on track.

Real Estate Closings.

  • Closing on the property typically takes place within 45-60 days from when the purchase contract is signed.
  • The Closing Agent will conduct the closing, file all necessary paperwork, along with the deed, mortgages as well as make payment to the seller.
  • Whether it is your first time to purchase real estate or not, we are here to answer your questions.